Facts About Pop Art Paintings History

Pop art is an art form first introduced in Great Britain, towards the end of the 1950s. It was brought about by artists who wanted to take the stuffiness out of 'abstract expressionism', and bridge the gap between art and the public. This they did by including everyday objects like flags and soup cans in their paintings.

The birth of pop art was to ridicule the monotony that a section of artists associated with abstract expressionism. At the point of time, both the American as well as the British society was recuperating after the World War II, and these artists took potshots at the materialism all around and included objects like Coke cans and comic strips in the paintings. Artist Jasper Johns used the American flag to a large extent, Roy Lichtenstein gave prominence to comic strips, and Andy Warhol made soup cans famous, while stuffed animals were Robert Rauschenberg's choice of object. These artists included everyday objects in their paintings to make them more appealing to the common man. Art before that was largely confined to the high echelons of society, and the abstract art form was not understood by the layman. Pop artists changed all that by replacing the monotony of art with humor and relevance to daily life.


Pop art did receive its fair share of criticism, as art critics though it was a cheap effort to popularize everyday objects as symbols of art. American society, on the other hand, welcomed pop art with open arms, making it what it is today.

Facts About Pop Art Paintings History
Facts About Pop Art Paintings History

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Decorating Color Schemes For Wall Art - 4 Simple Tips

Before you buy your painting, you should stop to consider on a few things. Will the art fit into your home? Will it blend so well until it becomes unnoticed? Or will it stick out like a sore thumb, shouting for attention? Purchasing an art piece simply because you like it may result in unnecessary disappointment when it's time to hang it on the wall. Read on as this article briefly describes to you other factors you should think about before you part with your money.

The Right Wall Color

\"Abstract Wall Art\"

Before you hang your paintings on the walls, think about the color tones in the painting that you want to emphasize. You don't want a picture on the wall that goes unnoticed because the color of the wall pulls your attention away from the art. Avoid hanging a bright picture on a bright colored wall, for example yellow color. Having a strong colored picture hung against another strong colored background wall color will throw the room out of balance. If you have a wall with strong colors, try using art with lighter and softer colors. Likewise, art with strong colors work well with walls that are soft or pastel colored.

Decorating Color Schemes For Wall Art - 4 Simple Tips

Decorating With Accessories

With clever arrangement of accessories near a painting, you can bring out certain hues or tones in the art work. Accessories can include anything from carpets, rugs, curtains, pillows, or other small collectibles like antiques and statues. Consider the color combinations of these accessories such that they will best bring out the colors of the painting. For example, you want to emphasize the maroon and brown colors of the abstract painting you just bought. Try to place items in the room that have similar colors. The pillow on the couch near the painting could be dark brown or beige for instance. It doesn't have to be the exact same color, just similar hues or tones that would subtlety hint at the color scheme. Feel free to rearrange the items and play around with the combination to bring out the best in your painting.

Finding the Best Location

Ever went to someone else's home and then just by chance, you noticed a painting on the wall in some dark corner, almost completely unnoticed and lifeless? You can avoid this by carefully finding the best location to bring out the best in the art work. Choose an area in your house where the color combinations will bring focus to your art, not steal attention away from it. Instead of simply buying an art piece and then deciding where to hang it, study the different locations in your home in terms of color composition and then decide on a suitable art piece to display. Consider also how light plays on the art work in the room, especially sunlight. Morning and afternoon lights will make colors appear differently. Using artificial lights like spotlights in the room will also bring out the best colors in the art work and bring it to life.

Don't Forget the Frames and Mats

The colors of mats and frames also affect how a viewer's eyes are guided towards the art piece. For example, a dark colored mat will intensify the colors of the picture, whereas mats with softer colors allow more of the picture's colors to interact with the surroundings. The color of the frame should not be of the same tone as the wall color, otherwise it would be difficult to distinguish the frame from its surroundings. Remember that the picture's frame is also part of the art work, and the frame color should also be considered when choosing the art piece.

Decorating Color Schemes For Wall Art - 4 Simple Tips

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Wall Art For Home Gym

A gym should be an extremely energetic and motivating place. It should be the kind of place where you go and instantly get energetic and feel the urge to work out. Now while some of this can be done by the kind of exercise machines you place in your gym, the rest can be done by the magic of colors you use around! It is known globally that bright colors make people excited and energetic. They breathe life into people hence when you are planning the décor of your home gym keep bright colors in mind!

Any bright color would look great when used with black! You could use red in a home gym and make an abstract design with black on it. You can also get some very motivational quotes painted on a wall or get them written somewhere and get that mounted on one of the walls that face you while working out. If you don't want to invest a lot in the paints then something else can be done too. For example, if you have some motivational figures get their pictures and posters and use them up. Put them on a plane painted wall and they can give a great effect.

\"wall Art\"

Mirrors should also be used on the walls of the home gym so that one can look at himself and get more motivation to work out if needed. Metal wall decorations also suit the environment of the home gym since most machines are metallic too and that really goes with the theme and makes the place look well set according to a particular theme in mind. You really don't need to spend a lot when it comes to the walls of a home gym, this is because your guests won't be visiting this place anyway. It's a place made for you and you need to know your needs for decorating it.

Wall Art For Home Gym
Wall Art For Home Gym

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Famous Abstract Contemporary Art Paintings

Abstract Art came about in the last few centuries where artists sought to move away from pure realism painting and put in their own style and emotion into the subject of their painting. From the Renaissance and Baroque styles of almost photo-realistic paintings, abstract contemporary art began to become popular.

Romanticism, Impressionism and Expressionism followed on from the traditional art styles and started to allow artists to impress their own creativity. Such styles laid the foundations for the later art movements which are collectively referred to as Abstract art, in the modern era.


Post-Impressionism continued the change towards abstract art yet further, thanks to works by the likes of Paul Gauguin, Georges Seurat, Vincent van Gogh and Paul Cezanne. Inspired by the likes of Paul Cezanne, Fauvism & Cubism were created, bringing famous artists like Henri Matisse, Georges Braque, Wassily Kandinsky & Pablo Picasso to the public's attention. Synthetic Cubism also followed. The Abstract Contemporary style that we have now was ready to be created at this point.

Famous Abstract Contemporary Art Paintings

In Britain the first Abstract art exhibition was opened in 1935, with paintings by the likes of Piet Mondrian, Joan Miro, Barbara Hepworth and Ben Nicholson on display the following year at a more international event.

The attack on art by the Nazi party in the 1930s and 1940s forced some abstract artists to flee to America which resulted in the likes of Modernism, Late Modernism, American Modernism, and Surrealism starting to gain popularity, particularly in New York. These attempts to control art's direction actually helped to spread communication of these new art movements to the rest of the world.

The 1950s to now have brought us the likes of Neo-Dada, Fluxus, Conceptual Art, Neo-expressionism, Installation art, Performance Art, Video Art and Pop art. Pop Art of course remains hugely popular today with the likes of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein still selling well.

Modern Abstract Contemporary art styles include the likes of Abstract expressionism, Color Field, Lyrical Abstraction, Post-Painterly Abstraction, Sculpture, and Minimal Art, though new movements appear all the time, particularly with the influx of computer based artists, and different styles of digital art.

Famous Abstract Contemporary Art Paintings

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Where to Find Nice Wall Art

You can find nice wall art at art.com, overstockart.com, and at Ikea.com. You can also search it in the following Web sites: wallartforless.com, imagekind.com, barewalls.com, AllPosters.com, and redbubble.com.

It has become quite very popular especially when we talk about interior designing and home decorating. This is because it has a distinct and unique ability to instantly beautify and brighten up a dull and lifeless room.

\"wall Art\"

It comes in different forms. It may be a painting, a framed photograph, a lavish wall ornament, tapestries, or metal wall decors. If you happen to be looking for nice wall arts, then here are websites that you should check out.

Where to Find Nice Wall Art


This online wall art shop is one of the best places online to find the nicest and most unique. They hold a large selection for your space, whether at home or in the office. They offer from classic or vintage pieces to contemporary and modern ones. They also have wall tapestries, photographs, art on metals, hand embellished prints, wall murals, serigraphs, wall signs or framed canvases or art prints. They have art pieces from well-known artists like Van Gogh or Picasso or from new artists. They definitely have it that is best fit your style and interest. The online store also offers framing and mounting services for customers who liked to preserve and customize it with a variety of frames and finishes to choose from.


This online store also offers a wide variety of wall art. What's cool about this store is that you can shop according to your interest, chosen artist, style, size, or to where you would like to place it. They also replicate any painting just for you - whether it is made by a famous artist, a portrait of yourself or a family photo.


IKEA is a one-stop store for those who want to remodel their spaces. They got a lot of home or office furniture as well as nice wall art pieces. There are of various styles, sizes and type, and are very affordable. Price starts as low as $ 4.

IKEA has a lot of branches in the USA. They have stores in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington. To check more about IKEA, visit their website at ikea.com.

Other websites where you can also find them:


Where to Find Nice Wall Art

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Western Art - Famous Western Artists & Paintings

Famous artists in the context of this article will be taken from those most popular. Famous or best artists is something too hard for a mere mortal like me to quantify simply whereas popularity, particularly on the internet can be calculated. Art is all about subjectivity, so i don't claim for the following list to be exhaustive or fully comprehensive, but please treat it as a fun way to discover more about artists you already know about, and to perhaps find some new artists that you had not heard of before. This is the main purpose of this article. The artists are not listed in any particular order, so the final entry would not necessarily be the least famous artist, it is more a general collection to browse through.

Michelangelo was an Italian Renaissance painter. He was considered by many to be the key Renaissance figure because of his versatility and knowledge across a wide range of disciplines. Michelangelo's most famous paintings include The Torment of Saint Anthony, Manchester Madonna, Doni Tondo, The Entombment, Battle of Cascina, Leda and the Swan, The Last Judgment, The Martyrdom of St Peter & The Conversion of Saul (1542-50)


Leonardo Da Vinci was an Italian genius best known as a painter, sculptor and architect, though he performed well in a wide variety of disciplines. Along with Michelangelo, Da Vinci is believed to be one of the most extraordinary artists of all time with such diversity and quality attained over his whole career. Da Vinci most famous paintings include The Adoration of the Magi, Salai as John the Baptist & Annunciation.

Western Art - Famous Western Artists & Paintings

Gustav Klimt was an Austrian painter and a key member of the Vienna Art Nouveau art scene as well as a famous Symbolist artist. Klimt produced paintings of the highest order, which he is best known for, plus wall murals and other art mediums. Klimt's primary subject was the female body as shown in some of his most famous works. He also is well known for use of gold leaf paint which many artists do not use frequently. Klimt most famous paintings include The Kiss, Judith & Danaë.

Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch artist from the Impressionist era and well known for his connections to Paul Gauguin and his art collector brother, Theo. He was a pioneer of Expressionism with enormous influence on 20th century art, especially on the Fauves and German Expressionists. Some of his paintings are now among the world's best known, most popular and expensive works of art. Van Gogh most famous paintings include Sunflowers, Starry Night, Potato Eaters & Van Gogh Self-portraits.

Claude Monet was a founder and key member of French impressionist painting and also one of the most famous landscape artists of all time, alongside the likes of Van Gogh, Turner & Constable. Impressionism is taken from the name of his painting Impression Sunrise. Claude Monet most famous paintings include Water Lilies, Japanese Bridge & Camille Monet Portraits.

Pablo Picasso was a Spanish Cubist painter and one of the most recognized figures in 20th-century art, he is best known for co-founding the Cubist movement and for the wide variety of styles embodied in his work. Among his most famous works are the proto-Cubist Les Demoiselles d'Avignon (1907) and Guernica (1937), his depiction of the German bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War.

David Hockney is an English painter, draughtsman, printmaker, stage designer and photographer, based in Yorkshire, United Kingdom, although he also maintains a prominence in London. An important contributor to the Pop art movement of the 1960s, he is considered one of the most influential British artists of the twentieth century. David Hockney most famous paintings include Los Angeles Pool, Garrowby Hill & Malibu.

This initial article is the first part of a series of different articles covering major artists from the west. For further artists please return back for future articles here.

Western Art - Famous Western Artists & Paintings

Tom Gurney - Regular blogger on western art prints & paintings - art150.com. I try to cover all artist styles where possible, and also have included some photographers alongside oil painters. The name of art150 is from our aim to have 150 famous artists and paintings covered in detail by the end of the project. If successful, we will add more too, but the name will remain!

In future months i will add further articles here covering each artist in greater detail, including the likes of Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso and others. I shall include links to each of them here.

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The Art of Rap Punchlines

Rap punchlines are to hip hop like slam dunks are to basketball: if done correctly, they bring a crowd to their feet. However, if you mess up, it's just about the most awkward and embarrassing situation imaginable.

Freestyle battle rap punchlines are given a little more slack than their written counterparts, since they are off the top of the head. A decent freestyle rap punchline can bring the house down, and if you screw up, well, what the heck, you were just freestyling anyways...


Let's take a look at different types of rap punchlines:

The Art of Rap Punchlines

The set up/smack down approach. In keeping with the basketball analogy, think of a solid punchline like an alley oop: the first line sets up, the second line slams it home. For example, "I respond back, just like a restaurateur/ leave your ass feeling served while you're eating your words."

Internal rhymes. When you can string several multi-syllable rhymes together, it makes the phrase that much more deadly. For example, here's a line TheSaurus, one of the greatest battle MC's today, said: "I'll smoke you like a purple eighth, and give you an early date at the pearly gates." Ouch...

The reversal. This is where you take your opponents line and use it against him. For example, let's say someone calls you a nerd in a battle. You can respond "This guy claims I'm a nerd, well I guess that's true/ A nerd with words and verses much smarter than you!" OR "You call me a nerd 'cause of big words in my rapping? Son, your IQ's like your skill...totally lacking."

I hope some of these techniques have given you some ideas on how to construct solid rap punchlines. Keep them in mind next time you battle; you never know what may come in handy.

The Art of Rap Punchlines

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How to Make Your Own Abstract Canvas Art

Have you been touring art galleries for abstract canvas art to hang on your walls but end up leaving the gallery frustrated because you could not find anything that you like? Do not worry about it because it is possible for you to make your own abstract canvas art.

You may think it is impossible for you to create your own artwork because you are not an artist. However, with abstract art, it is entirely possible. All you need to do is to use the right tools and your own imagination. Abstract art is a form of art where the focus is on form and colours rather than on any particular visual subject or reference. But there is more to abstract art than just splashing and throwing paint on canvas. It takes some planning on the part of the artist; in this case, on your part.


Starting Your Own Abstract Canvas Art

How to Make Your Own Abstract Canvas Art

Just like how you would do any do-it-yourself project, you would need to sit down and plan your project first, and then get the tools and materials that you require so that you can work on your abstract canvas art project. For the planning part, the first step that you may want to take is to have a look at the spot on your wall where you are planning to put up your painting.

If you are an absolute beginner in painting, it would be a great idea to start small. Buy a canvas that you believe is big enough for you to manage without feeling overwhelmed with your project. Other tools you will need are brushes, a palette and paints, either oil or acrylic.

As for ideas, you can base your abstract art piece on anything you fancy. You could use a print you saw somewhere, or maybe a photograph that you like.

Painting Your Own Abstract Canvas Art

Let us say that you are using a photograph that you like in making your own abstract canvas art. You can start by putting transparent paper over the photograph and picking out the outline of the shapes you see in your photograph over this transparent paper. In this way, you would be able to see the negative space - the space between or around objects - in your photograph.

You can copy this outline right on your canvas. From here on, you can do two things. You can either fill the negative space with colour that you like or outline the shape that you have copied on your canvas with various colours that complement each other.

Afterwards, you can mix and blend your colours to create tones of light and dark. Creating such tones will give depth to your abstract canvas art, and thus make it more interesting to look at. You can also make your art more interesting by creating textures with different thicknesses of paint and different strokes of your brush.

There are a few things that you need to remember when you make your own abstract canvas art. First is that you should try to limit the number of colours you would use on your artwork, or else it would look garish and confusing. Another thing that you should bear in mind when painting your own abstract canvas art is just to have fun and let your imagination do the work.

How to Make Your Own Abstract Canvas Art

For more information and resource on abstract canvas art, please visit http://www.the-canvas-art-shop.co.uk/.

Science Fair Abstracts - How to Write an Abstract

A science fair abstract is an abbreviated report or a summary in brief of the entire project. It is one of the last job of the science project but is of immense importance. It states the essential and most important things about the project. The science fair abstract in a clear and easy language gives the important outlines of the entire project. The abstract is generally around 250 words in length. It should appear at the beginning while preparing the project report and it should also be placed at the display board of the fair. The science fair abstract, when placed at the display board, gives the spectators the condensed version comprising the main elements of the project.

Science fair abstract helps people determine if they want to read the full report. Much more people will read the abstract as any other part of the work. It's like an advertisement speaking for the work done. If one wants the jury and audience to be excited about one's science fair project, then writing an exciting, engaging abstract is always suggested.


Since a science fair abstract is so short, each section is usually only one or two sentences long. Consequently, every word is important to conveying message. If a word is boring or vague, it will provide distraction. If a word is not adding something important it should be omitted But, even with the abstract's brief length, don't be afraid to reinforce a key point by stating it in more than one way or referring to it in more than one section.

Science Fair Abstracts - How to Write an Abstract

The science fair abstract should always include the following parts -

* Introduction--This is your project's purpose statement i.e. why was the project undertaken

* Problem Statement--It lays down the hypothesis of the project

* Procedure--give the description of your variables, your approach towards the investigation

* Results--give specific data and the synopsis of the results obtained

* Conclusion--state clearly the conclusion derived

While writing the abstract for the science project one should follow certain specific guidelines and avoid the following -

* Uncommon scientific terms which most people aren't aware of

* Abbreviations and short forms

* Charts and tables

* Acknowledgements

Given below is an outline to write a science project abstract:

* Title

* Introduction (genera idea about the project)

* Problem statement and the hypothesis (what is that is to be established) Methodology (process employed, materials used etc.)

* Analysis of data (what indication does the data gives)

* Conclusion (what results were found)

* Application (how is the finding of help)

Science Fair Abstracts - How to Write an Abstract

Jordan Matthews is a High School Math and Science teacher who has worked as a judge and a coordinator of many science fairs. Check his Science Fair Project ideas website for some more ideas and information about different types of papers and how to write up a scientific report.

Teaching Aboriginal Art: Free Lesson Plan

Aboriginal Dot Painting is a popular art lesson classic suitable for learners of all ages as it features an irresistible combination of music, art, culture and history.

The beauty of this subject is that the lesson engages learners on a number of different levels - practical painting technique, cultural understanding, linking art with music, dance and storytelling, and getting their fingers nice & dirty in the process!



Teaching Aboriginal Art: Free Lesson Plan

For beginners through to advanced level learners

3~4 hours contact time in class, extra time for research/homework

Lesson Aims:

* Students will be able to select colours, mix paint, make a preliminary sketch, complete an authentic aboriginal artwork.

* Students will understand the origin of motifs, colours, storylines in aboriginal art.

* Students will be able to connect aboriginal art with its other cultural traditions of music, dance, and storytelling.


* Aboriginal music or video.

* B/W photocopies of aboriginal symbols.

* B/W photocopies of a real aboriginal painting.

* Sketching paper or thin card for B/W draft - about 40cm x 25cm.

* Watercolour paper for final draft artwork - about 60cm x 40cm.

* Black marker pens, watercolour or acrylic paints, sponges for dab effects etc.

In Class Lesson Stages:

1. As a lead-in my students respond really well to closing their eyes as they listen to real aboriginal music and imagining they are an eagle flying over the Australian Outback. What did you see? How far did you go? What animals came into your mind? In the course of introducing the people, the country, and their traditions you can reveal how each sound from the didgeridoo depicts the sound of a distinct animal - a snake, a fish, a crocodile, an emu. This visualisation exercise will help when they come to start their first draft sketch.

2. A short video of aboriginal dancing features at the end of this lesson plan.

3. Students speculate in groups on the meaning of common symbols in aboriginal art as per 'Aboriginal Symbols' worksheet pictured below. Which symbolize a kangaroo, a boomerang, a waterhole, footprints, and the sun, rain, and moon?

4. At the end of the first session students annotate a B/W copy of a real aboriginal painting and identify which lines/dots/patterns symbolize what. Students should also understand the following elements of design - contrast, colour choice (how did the aborigines find paint? why are coours of nature prevalent?) Show other examples of aboriginal paintings.

5. The next session begins with a first draft in B/W. Students should select a unifying 'theme' for their artwork - the hunt, the dance, animals, nature, tools & weapons, food are all good subjects. Allow students to progress to their final larger colour draft when they have clearly demonstrated an understanding of colour, line, pattern, contrast, theme.

6. Two sessions should be devoted to the final draft. Show students how to use sponges, fingertips, brushes, and combs to create authentic painterly effects. Monitor students as they work - paying careful attention to the 'tightness' of their patterns and the relatively 'minimal' use of colour. I find that my students really get into it when there's some music blasting out - which in this case should be funky didgeridoo.

* Depending on the level of the students you could set a short essay on one of the following subjects: 1. The things I learned from creating an aboriginal artwork, 2. My critique of an aboriginal artwork, 3. How aboriginal art reflects the cultural and historical background of the aborigine people.

Evaluation and feedback should take place throughout each session in the form of peer evaluation (what do you think of each other's work?) and final evaluation in the form of a clear grading scale. For a project of this nature you could include such criteria as:

* Originality 1-2-3-4-5

* Authenticty 1-2-3-4-5

* Elements of design - colour/line/pattern 1-2-3-4-5

* Participation and level of completion 1-2-3-4-5

Total - /20

Teaching Aboriginal Art: Free Lesson Plan

Oliver Kinghorn is a painter, writer, and art teacher who runs a free web page - http://free-art-lesson-ideas-for-teachers.blogspot.com/

See his own artwork and inspiring articles for relaxation & feeling great at http://feelingsimplylovely.blogspot.com/

What is Art?

We can try answering the question "what is art?" by understanding the definition given in Britannica online which says that art is "the use of skill and imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects, environments, or experiences that can be shared with others."

In this regard it will be apt to have a glance at what Leo Tolstoy had to say about art in his book called "What is art?" written some 200 years back. One of the important points that he said about art is that "in order to correctly define art, it is necessary, first of all, to cease to consider it as a means to pleasure and to consider it as one of the conditions of human life. Viewing it in this way we cannot fail to observe that art is one of the means of intercourse between man and man." There are many other interesting views on art that has been expressed by him in his book titled "what is art?"


Many other definitions emphasize that

What is Art?

1. Art is subjective and art is more subjective than objective.
2. Art is form and content.
3. Art has an artistic process.
4. There is a connection between beauty and art and beauty is the measure of quality of art.

Then there are debatable questions to the basic question "what is art?", like

1. Can anything be art?
2. Is there any objective crieteria for art?

Perception of Art and the identity of the artist have always changed through history and contemporary society and therefore the question of "what is art?" looks like a bottom less pit.

Art & Artists in the Ancient World and Middle Ages, Art & Artists in the Renaissance are very different from Art & Artists of the modern world. What is the affect of modernism on art & artist is a highly debatable topic. It throws up issues like whether modernism has led to the end of art. It is an interesting study to see how modernism and politics and postmodernism have affected the art and artists of today.

Discussion of art and the question "what is art?" needs a detailed understanding of the usage, theories and utility of art. It should address the classification disputes, touch upon the controversial art scene and it should weigh the class and value of the art.

There are different forms, genres, mediums and styles for expression of artistic abilities and all these have their own characteristic skills & craft, value judgment models and communication styles.

The various types of commonly accepted artistic expressions are Architecture, Cinematography, Drawing, Erotic art, Music, dance, writing, Painting, Poetry, Sculpture and Photography. There are many more valid types of artistic expression apart from the one mentioned above.

Further the question "what is art?" will not be fully answered and the study of art and artists will remain incomplete if we do not touch in some measure the History of Art, Basic Art concepts & famous artists.

There cannot be a complete definition or answer ever to the question "what is art?" but still we can try to muster up some logical structure based on the following below mentioned points.

Art is-

1. the product of conscious intention with a mix of the unconscious expression,
2. a self rewarding activity but with a mix of larger view of love, empathy and compassion also,
3. a tendency to unite dissimilar things and break down similar things,
4. concerned with change and variety and bringing a stability in change and variety,
5. the aesthetic exploitation of familiarity vs. surprise and the journey into the known vs. unknown,
6. the aesthetic exploitation of tension vs. release and it is a balance between the creative tension vs. the destructive tension.
7. the imposition of order on disorder and a mix of creating disorder from order,
8. the creation of illusions as well as clearing the clouds of illusions,
9. an indulgence in sensuousness or at the other extreme it is a bucket of moral outpourings,
10. the exhibition of skill and craft,
11. a desire to convey meanings as well the desire to hide deeper symbols and expressions,
12. an indulgence in fantasy and also an attempt at bringing the fantasy into reality,
13. the aggrandizement of self or others,
14. illustration,
15. the heightening of existence through the knowledge of eventual destruction
16. revelation and hiding,
17. personal adornment or embellishment,
18. therapy, love, compassion, empathy and healing,
19. the giving of meaning to life knowing the meaninglessness of life,
20. the generation of self conscious experience and superconscious connection,
21. the provision of paradigms of order and/or disorder,
22. and training in the perception of reality by traveling the path of the surreal.

The list can be as long as we can imagine as it has to be said that defining art is just like defining life itself. I think now we can appreciate the depth of the question "what is art?"

What is Art?

For free information and advice on topics and issues related to women, visit http://www.rise-of-womanhood.org


This site envisions the rise of womanhood in true sense that is the rise of the "essence" of womanhood in the physical, mental, intellectual and the spiritual planes. It calls for the beginning of a campaign for the true rise of women in all spheres of life for the restoration of the balance in nature.

Somewhere we have to make a beginning and it's always better if we make the initiation at our own self. We can strengthen this mass movement for the "rise of womanhood" by bringing about the necessary changes in our own life as felt by our inner self. Further we can transmit the new thinking to others who care to listen. A small step today will definitely lead to a giant leap tomorrow.

Discover Tuscan Metal Wall Art Decorating Ideas

Tuscan metal wall art is an easy and popular way to add a touch
of personality to your home decor. If you are into rustic, country,
French country, Mediterranean, Western, Victorian, Italian or Tuscan; metal wall
art is available to enhance any of these styles of home decor. Read on to discover
how to incorporate metal art accents into your home.

The wrought iron wall crown is in high demand, as it quickly and easily
classes up other wall art. This long, narrow piece of metal wall decor
can accent a framed wall art piece or add a new dimension to a large
wall tapestry. Another application that is very attractive, is to place it above
a wall grouping, to tie it all together. For example, you may have a
small tapestry with a wall clock and add the Tuscan metal wall decor over the pair. Or a metal
wall art crown can add a upscale flair to a grouping of family pictures.
Consider hanging metal wall art above your television, a large
doorway or above a picture window. The unique shape of the metal wall art crown
lends itself to some unique applications in your home decorating arrangements.

\"wall Art\"

Square, metal wall art pieces can be used in with a wall group or in
accent groups with 2 or more like metal decor pieces. Smaller, square
metal wall art pieces can be used on a small wall area just to add some dimension. Or
you may take 2, 3, or 4 coordinating pieces to create a wall grouping. Some-
thing fun and interesting to consider, is to hang some of the metal wall
art pieces at the corner in a diamond shape. If you have a nice size wall,
use a focus piece, such as a wall tapestry, large wall clock or framed art
and place 2 pieces of metal wall art on one side of the focus piece,
hanging one wrought iron piece square and stagger the 2nd wrought iron piece
and hang from the corner, in a diamond shape style. On the other side of
your focus piece, hang just one piece of wrought iron. This piece may be
of the same size as the 2 on the other side or larger, preferably a
rectangular shape metal wall art design. What a stunning, interesting
wall group. And it was all very easy and creates a homey but designer look.

Discover Tuscan Metal Wall Art Decorating Ideas

You just discovered one way to use a rectangular shaped metal wall art piece.
Obviously, this wall art shape can vary in size greatly. An average size Tuscan metal art piece
can hang alone on a wall. You may also make a metal grouping, using rectangular and square
shapes. Rectangular metal wall art is also attractive with floral arrangements,
as the floral wreath or swag will add some color and softness to the metal.
The popular wall pockets would be a great addition to accent a nice rectangular wall art piece.

Again, the wall pockets may be filled with floral for a splash of color and additional texture.
Another trendy look with the wrought iron would be wall sconces. A candle
sconce will add color and new shapes to the wall. One very interesting
idea with the rectangular metal wall art piece you might want to consider is
to hang at an angle. Hang at a pleasing angle over your tv console and
then place a vase on the tabletop. This adds a lot of interest and creativity.
Add one more splash, by scrunching up a table runner under the vase and
let the ends of the runner fall over the edges of the tv cabinet top. I like the idea of using
an interesting vase--maybe with nothing in it,--but also fun would
be a unique canister and tray set, an artsy bowl or a chunky candlestick or
2 or 3--in various heights. Let your imagination go. Just watch your proportions, so one accessory does
not overshadow the other pieces and all items should be of a size to compliment
the tv console.

Large Tuscan metal wall decor has found some great places in today's homes. Whether,
square, round or rectangular, oversized metal wall art pieces, are
great when used as the headboard for your bed, in a room with cathedral
ceilings and on the large wall along your open stairway. The large metal
wall art piece can easily be used alone. But you may want to add a little
something more for added texture, dimension and color. Plus, if your wall is
huge, you can expand the look with a few choice accessory pieces. The 3
accessories that could compliment your large metal art would be candle
wall sconces, wall mirrors or wall pockets. Just remember, that your large
metal wall art will require large accessories. Large, unique wall sconces or
plushly filled wall pockets would be fabulous to add additional texture, color and
dimension. Another thought, if you employ either of these enhancements,
keep the designer look going, by hanging at staggered levels on either side
of your metal wall art. Or you may hang a long, slender mirror and a sconce or
wall pocket along just one side of your metal wall art. One of the keys here,
is that odd number of items are much easier and more pleasing to the eye
in an arrangement.

The style of metal wall art will determine what style of decor it will work best with.
Tuscan, Italian and French style home decor are really enhanced with an aged patina, with
a chunkier, rough look. Some of the most popular, trendy metal wall art is accented with leaf motifs,
and twiggy branch looks--these pieces are great with the Italian, and Country looks.

Some of the Country French decor may demand a lighter color metal
with more intricate design. Country or Nautical decor begs for a simple, antiqued look.
You may want to find some design details that emphasis these looks, such as a rope look,
nautical shapes, seashell motifs or a rivet bolt accent on the metal wall art. The right
metal wall decor piece may be a great accent in a softer, Victorian style room if you
look for more detail, such as curls, scrolls and a lighter weight feel. Keep the piece from
being too chunky.

Discover Tuscan Metal Wall Art Decorating Ideas

This article is provided to you by Belinda Crouse, owner of [http://www.homedecoratingstudio.com] and Cotton Seed Studio. I have a BS degree from South Dakota State University in Textiles and Clothing- Retail. I have been the owner of a gift, craft and home decor business since 1983. I opened Cotton Seed Studio, a home decor, personal product, gift and coffee bar shop, in January 2006. I also do custom design projects, specialty boutiques and have started doing home staging for local realtors. Early in 2007, we introduced our online home decor catalog: [http://www.homedecoratingstudio.com]

Is Graffiti Art?

You can travel almost anywhere in the world, and you will probably see graffiti. Although graffiti art is usually more common in big cities, the reality is that it can occur in almost any community, big or small.

The problem with graffiti art is the question of whether it's really art, or just plain vandalism. This isn't always an easy question to answer, simply because there are so many different types of graffiti. Some is simply a monochrome collection of letters, known as a tag, with little artistic merit. Because it's quick to produce and small, it is one of the most widespread and prevalent forms of graffiti.


Although tagging is the most common type of graffiti, there are bigger, more accomplished examples that appear on larger spaces, such as walls. These are often multicolored and complex in design, and so start to push the boundary of whether they should really be defined as graffiti art.

Is Graffiti Art?

If it wasn't for the fact that most graffiti is placed on private property without the owner's permission, then it might be more recognized as a legitimate form of art. Most graffiti art, however, is only an annoyance to the property owner, who is more likely to paint over it or remove it than applaud its artistic merit.

Many solutions have been put into practice around the world, with varying degrees of success. Paints have been developed that basically cause graffiti paint to dissolve when applied, or else make it quick and easy to remove. Community groups and government departments coordinate graffiti removal teams.

In some places you can't buy spray paint unless you're over 18. Cans of spray paint are locked away in display cases. In a nearby area the local council employs someone to go around and repaint any fences defaced by graffiti. A friend of mine has had his fence repainted 7 times at least, and it took him a while to find out why it was happening! Certainly the amount of graffiti in my local area has dropped substantially in the last year or two, so it appears these methods are working to a great extent.

But is removing the graffiti doing a disservice to the artistic community? Maybe if some of the people behind the graffiti art were taken in hand and trained, they could use their artistic skills in more productive ways. It hardly makes sense to encourage these artists to deface public property, and so commit a crime. But perhaps there are other ways to cooperate with the graffiti artists rather than just opposing them. Graffiti artists can create sanctioned murals for private property owners and get paid for it.

Maybe we need to start at a very basic level, and find a way to encourage the creation of graffiti art on paper or canvas, rather than walls. After all, who would remember Monet or Picasso if they'd created their masterpieces on walls, only to have them painted over the next day? Finding a solution to such a complex situation is never going to be easy, but as more graffiti art is being recognized in galleries around the world, we do need to try.

Is Graffiti Art?

Steve Dolan loves art in various forms and mediums. Find out more about graffiti as an art form at Graffiti and Urban Art [http://www.graffitithis.com] and if you have art that needs framing visit Picture Frames.

Ways To Embellish Your Living Space With Abstract Wall Art

Abstract wall art certainly give you many ways to decorate and express yourself. A large number of those items are unique and express approaches that can be left to opinion. When decorating, you may desire to examine few of different kinds of abstract wall art that are currently accessible all over the internet. This particular article provide you helpful tips that may help you.

The Use Of Metal art - When you choose to use metal as art decor you, will certainly achieve a totally different appearance. For instance, wrought iron can help achieving a rustic appearance to a room. On the other hand, a metal that is smoother and shinier can have soothing effect on the room.

\"Abstract Wall Art\"

Canvas wall art decor - The right canvas can also make the room look large or small. This will depend on the colors, shape and size of the canvas. If you have a small room, it may appropriate to hang a large painting art. This may cause the rest of the room look tiny in comparison. But, a smaller painting picture can add a spacious look to a medium size room. Few people like to hang a mirror opposite of the painting. This can certainly create more than one view of the artwork piece and can certainly make the room appear way larger.

Ways To Embellish Your Living Space With Abstract Wall Art

Considering wall Paintings - Fine art paintings can be a good way to transform the appearance of the room. The perfect shape, size and colors can certainly provide a different look. The truth is If you have a painting picture that is large in a small room, you may cause the entire room look quite crowded and small. For instance, if your goal is to make the room look bigger, you may have to make use of smaller canvas. Consider placing a mirror on the opposite wall as the canvas. This will serve two purposes. It will give your guests an additional angle to look at and the room may look larger.

Sculpture - Sculptures that can be hung on walls can be a focal point of the room. There are so many different shapes and sizes, and it may take some time to finally get the right piece of artwork. When you get a wonderful piece of artwork, you may desire to highlight it with lighting. If you are decorating with a modern or contemporary design, you may choose to use a hanging, ceiling light fixture. It can be put over the sculpture to focus attention on it.

A beautiful sculpture can lend an air of mystery to a room. It may also create a brand-new and clean look. Sometimes, they become excellent conversation pieces. You may have a gathering that is not doing too well. A discussion on your sculpture may help to keep the interest of your guests.

Realism - You may decide to go with a "real world" look. Realism is about depicting things as they actually are, as usual in the third person. An example would be things in a regular basis with no embellishments.

Surrealism - Surrealism can let you use your imagination. You can depict fantasy and unworldly type of scenes. Just anything that is an exaggeration or fantasy can be considered to be surrealistic.

Summary - What type of decorating are you going to choose to do? Abstract wall art can be a key part of several different designs. There are so many different types and mediums that you can choose. Almost any look that you desire can be achieved. You may try to use fine art paintings or hanging sculptures. You can certainly use all types of materials, too. Make your setting look real or surreal. Your imagination may be your only limitation.

Ways To Embellish Your Living Space With Abstract Wall Art

To find out everything about Oil painting art, visit Arold Augustin's website at http://www.great-artworks.com.

Great Abstract Wall Art

Have you ever tried to remember the first time when you found yourself looking at an abstract wall art or an abstract painting? This article is a reflection of some of our own personal and subjective viewpoints and realities as an artist about abstract art with certain references to facts that are in agreement with what we believe our self as to the nature, birth, growth and the evolution of the abstract art outside the boundaries of the esoteric terms of the art academia. As we evolved through our own representational art and became more acquainted with the history of art, we learned that abstract art had its roots in the very early dawn of human history when man began to draw on the walls of his cave. These early abstract wall arts, abstract drawings and abstract paintings - sometimes embellished with organic dies - often attempted to capture the essential nature and the quality of the objects rather than the actual appearance of them.

As the art historians and art critics formulated their opinions and ideas into prints, more esoteric terms spun off the subject under "non-objective art," "non-representational art," and "non-figurative art." In the Western culture, abstract designs are found in many forms. But abstract arts are uniquely distinguished in composition form in relation to decorative art and fine art, where in abstract art, the results of creation, are spontaneous snapshots of the artist's thoughts, emotions, and the introspection by which he creates his artwork.

\"Abstract Wall Art\"

Now, for the sake of simplicity, we could categorize it into only representational art and abstract art. The evolution of art from representational to abstract expressionism required a tremendous level of liberalism and acceptance by those whose help and economic support were instrumental in the survival level of the abstract expressionist painters. In the world of art, where art is traded as a luxury and not a necessity and dependent upon the discretionary money of a few, the arrival of the abstract art in general and in particular abstract expressionism threatened the axles on which the art market was pivoted.

Great Abstract Wall Art

Every good painter paints what he is. Such great artist and contemporary painter from the abstract expressionists group is Robert Rauschenberg. Canvas wall art is an exceptional art that can add beauty and elegance to the most lifeless of wall spaces. When it comes to canvas wall art there is a great deal choice, one of which being the opportunity to pick and use your very own digital photo's and have them transformed into your own special canvas wall art. There is the choice between Landscape and abstract. Abstract wall art is a type of art which can conjure up different ideas and thoughts to individuals, making it open to interpretation. Another guideline that will be helpful to you is have a visit to another write up concerning Paintings Landscape

Great Abstract Wall Art

I am a full-time regarding online marketer, professional on the internet researcher. I really like arts. All sorts of artworks, I really like all of them! Therefore...I created this blog being a guide absolutely help find best wishes artwork.

The Newest Trend in Interior Decorating - Wrought Iron Wall Decor Ideas for Your Home

People have been making objects from iron since--well, since the Iron Age began way back around the year 1000 CE! Not only did our distant forbears make hunting weapons and other necessary items from iron, they often also made them to appear as appealing as possible.

The word "wrought" originally meant "to make by hand", so wrought iron items are those made by working with iron. Perhaps because so many of the items made today are plastic, synthetic and made by machines, our longing for enduring objects is greater than ever. This is undoubtedly one reason why wrought iron is enjoying such a huge surge of popularity in home décor.

\"wall Art\"

Wrought iron can be made into so many decorative products, it is truly amazing! Even utilitarian objects we don't generally think about turning into integral parts of our home décor are now making real design statements in sleek wrought iron.

The Newest Trend in Interior Decorating - Wrought Iron Wall Decor Ideas for Your Home

Here are a few of the plethora of decorative and utilitarian items available n the wrought iron marketplace today, and some suggestions for using them:

o At the entry to your home: Depending on their style, wrought iron welcome signs make a classical or country design statement. Wrought iron freestanding or wall hung flower boxes add a wonderful note as well.

o Just inside your door: Wrought iron racks are a great way to keep hats, umbrellas and other outdoor necessities close by where they're needed while they make a nice display as well. Coat and hat rack designs range from classical fleur-de-lis to charming cats sitting on a fence with their tails forming the actual hooks.

o In your living room: Consider using wrought iron wall vases, also called wall pockets, to hold your live and dried floral arrangements. Fluted wall vases are especially in vogue right now. Next to your wall vases, consider hanging some large candle sconces, plain, ornate or intricately detailed as your décor demands. And don't just hang them there, either--get some lovely candles and light them. Nothing can make a room simultaneously more romantic and stately than lightly candles!

o In your dining room or dining area: Use a wrought iron basket or bowl to display flowers in the center of your dining table and wrought iron candelabra to light the room during the evening meal.

o In your bedroom: Consider attaching a huge and intricate wrought iron frieze to your bedroom wall to serve as a stunning headboard. Other possibilities include a wrought iron quilt rack to display your grandmother's quilts or a unique piece of Southwestern metal wall art.

o In your kitchen: Wrought iron products that increase the quality of the time you spend in your kitchen abound. Consider adding a wrought iron wine rack and a suspended pot holder, a wrought iron paper towel holder, perhaps with a small shelf above to display some decorative item. In the kitchen, your options are virtually only limited by your imagination.

o In the bath: A freestanding wrought iron bath tissue holder turns a necessary item into a design element, while a wrought iron wall mirror gives your bathroom a unique, graceful yet functional appeal.

o In the garden: A wrought iron topiary frame, sundial and armillary make a stunning statement as well as complementing your flowers and shrubs.

Wrought iron has evolved way past the 4-poster bed stage. Exceptional accessories and home decorator items are available for every room in your home. Many are unique and allow you to infuse your house with charm and personality.

The Newest Trend in Interior Decorating - Wrought Iron Wall Decor Ideas for Your Home

Jessica Ackerman writes Wall Decor and Home Accents, an online wall decor store specializing in wrought iron wall décor, metal wall hangings and llart.html">uniqe metal wall art.

Tuscan Decorating Ideas To Make Decorating Your Home Easy - Learn Why It Is Todays Most Popular Tren

The sun is slowly sinking behind the Tuscan hills. The sky is alive with a warm, rosy-red glow. Nothing could be more relaxing than imagining yourself enjoying
This view.

If you would like to bring the peaceful, uplifting Italian Tuscan countryside into your
home, read on:
To create a uniquely Italian look, the following
aspects need to be considered: use of a bold design and original color scheme,
attention to detail, demand for quality and a desire for creative and dramatic
accents. Italian decorating expresses the individuality of the owner.
Obviously, Tuscan home decorating can involve many variables. You can create
an ambiance, your individual ambiance by selecting from a large variety of
uniquely Tuscan décor accessories.

\"wall Art\"

Bring this old world flavor into your room with bold simplicity. You will achieve
this by incorporating textural contrast and earthly colors.

Tuscan Decorating Ideas To Make Decorating Your Home Easy - Learn Why It Is Todays Most Popular Tren

Consider color first

when creating your look. The Tuscan people felt a connection
to nature, from the landscape to agriculture, so choose from these rich, earthy
tones: golden olive oil, terracotta, luscious olive green, deep browns, rich
burgundy, Mediterranean blues, burnt orange and golden yellow. These colors
may be made to look weathered or muted to create an attractive, timeless

One of the main features of Tuscan--Italian décor is the abundant use of
texture. Add texture to your walls by combining your paint with texture additives.
Wall texturing ideas include Venetian hand plastering, suede or granite texture
paints or sponge style painting techniques. These wall applications will give your
room that old world touch.

If you are planning a entire room makeover, you should consider stone tiles or
hardwood floors for a complete Tuscan decor look. But you may achieve the Italian theme, with the incorporation of a few great furniture choices and home
accessory pieces.

Solid hardwood furniture with textile or leather coverings are the trademark of an
authentic Tuscan home. Consider traditional, very comfortable style furnishings
to pull off your Tuscan feel. Strive for quality, uniqueness and personal comfort.

Much of the décor used in these traditional homes were from products that
were easily accessible in the region. With the help of local skilled artisans, many
unique works were created. The most popular materials used were tapestry
textiles, tile, wrought iron, ceramic, pottery, marble and hard woods.
When selecting your Tuscan decorations, start with a focus piece and work out
from there.

I would recommend that you select an Italian-Tuscan themed tapestry
Homedecoratingstudio.com has some great tapestry choices. A wall tapestry
will add texture, warmth and color. Tapestries are great for any room in your
home--whatever the theme. Select some of the colors in your tapestry to use
as accent colors throughout your room.

Tuscan wrought iron is an important feature for your Italian décor. Start by selecting a decorative rod for your tapestry. Now that you have placed your tapestry
above the sofa or fireplace mantel, you may now choose accessories to complete the entire wall. Tuscan wrought iron wall grills make very attractive accents
with a tapestry. The iron gives the sturdy, but simple Italian style and the tapestry softens the look for an inviting, comfortable feel. There are some great samples
of popular metal wall décor at homedecoratingstudio.com. You will always find the newest in Tuscan metal décor in our online home decorating catalog.

As you continue to add pieces to your room, remember to mix and match textures,
styles, colors, and shapes to create YOUR Tuscan room. Other trendy wall
décor that will bring your room to life may include a metal wall, mantel shelf. A
newer, emerging trend in Tuscan wall décor are metal wall pockets and candle
wall sconces. What makes the accessories work for you, is having unique
detailing and character, with an old world, aged finish.

One other interesting idea for your wall would be a wall clock. Wall
clocks have become a must have, functional home décor piece that accessorizes
any style home décor. Look for a clock of metal or a Tuscan style, hardwood frame.
Home decorating studio features a selection of very high quality, unique wall
clocks that would be a great addition to your Tuscan room.

Small, finishing touch accents may now be added. Give attention to every detail
by adding your own personal touches, incorporate such pieces as a grape
accented floral wreath or garland, word wall art and framed Tuscan wall art
or framed, inspirational verse art.

Your casual, Tuscan themed entertaining area calls for touches of décor featuring
wine: wine and grape wall art, metal wine bottle holders and wine word art.
Make it a fun, classy spot to entertain with unique, quality pieces that will help
you project an authentic Tuscan-Italian theme perfectly. Add the wine, glasses,
Napkins etc for the complete look.

The last areas to consider, are your shelves, counter tops, mantels and table areas.
Look for unique pottery pieces--vases and pitchers; chunky ceramic, marble or iron candlesticks; metal or ceramic containers; unique metal, wine bottle holders and large decorative chargers. Just remember, it's all about texture and color. We have some wonderful, unique tuscan decorating accessories in our online catalog. For a fresh, unique
selection of Italian-Tuscan home decorating accessories check out home decorating studio's online catalog; they have simply the best in selection, quality and price.

Article written by Belinda Crouse of http://www.homedecoratingstudio.com with 30 years
experience in the gift and home décor market.

Tuscan Decorating Ideas To Make Decorating Your Home Easy - Learn Why It Is Todays Most Popular Tren

This article is provided to you by Belinda Crouse, owner of [http://www.homedecoratingstudio.com] and Cotton Seed Studio. I have a BS degree from South Dakota State University in Textiles and Clothing- Retail. I have been the owner of a gift, craft and home decor business since 1983. I opened Cotton Seed Studio, a home decor, personal product, gift and coffee bar shop, in January 2006. I also do custom design projects, specialty boutiques and have started doing home staging for local realtors. Early in 2007, we introduced our on line home decor catalog: homedecoratingstudio.com

Decorate Your Home With Large Metal Wall Art

Large metal wall art is a unique type of decoration, in that it's both modern and classic. Perfect for any space, modern wall decor sculpture is a superb decorative touch for home and business. Abstract metal art makes a excellent accessory for trendy offices, outdoor parks, town residences and more. Outdoor art will form the bases of a fountain or produce the illusion of special separation without a real wall. Whether in a building or the good outdoors, the ability of wall decor sculpture to outline a space is unparalleled.

Large Metal Art Decorates with Class

\"wall Art\"

The colour variety in these art is almost unlimited. From silver to bronze, gold tones to antique finishes, there's a metal or painted finish to meet any decorating challenge. Such giant wall hangings will adorn a traditional family space, Victorian living area, even a library or office space. Significantly this art will build an excellent statement above the fireplace mantel, particularly when designed with ornately woven designs that compliment the rest of the area's decor.

Decorate Your Home With Large Metal Wall Art

Strategic use of outdoor metal art will add magnificence to outdoor spaces as well. Iron large metal wall hangings; in specific, makes a beautiful ancient addition to a screened lanai or patio. Outdoor metal art can even be hung against a backdrop of bricks for a distinctive fountain style, or suspended from an archway or gazebo for a stunning window effect.

Using Giant Metal Wall Art to Create Edginess

The more trendy and eclectic decorator will use large wall hangings as an wonderful way to bring the outdoors in and the indoors out. For example, wrought iron is usually associated with exterior gates and garden fences. By bringing such a piece of outdoor art into the house a area is instantly brightened with previous world garden charm. Similarly, a vibrantly painted piece of contemporary metal wall art, the likes that one might typically associate with a family room or bedroom can be a surprising addition to a gazebo, screened porch or outside kitchen. By mixing it up and avoiding the mundane, this will produce a unique look in any room, in any home.

The utilization of this will also help to bring a bit of caprice and individuality to a room. Significantly effective when juxtaposed against a more ancient decorating theme, this will be a welcome bit of style and facilitate to inject something different into what may otherwise be predictable.

The Unparalleled Style of Large Metal Designs

Whether the house is small or giant, traditional or modern, large wall hangings can create a statement beyond what any photograph or painting can accomplish. From the crisp color of contemporary arts to the aged patina of copper outdoor decor sculpture, for impact, style and beauty, nothing beats large metal wall arts.

Decorate Your Home With Large Metal Wall Art

Want to decorate your home or office? Looking for the best ideas? Find suggestions, ideas, and reviews from Mark Wild, a critic of Anna Chromy at www.AnnaChromy.com and discover all sorts of large metal wall art and collections all in one place.

Decorate a Kid's Room With a Star Wars Theme

The movie Star Wars and it's sequels took the world by storm in the 1970's. But instead of fading in popularity over time, it has grown an even stronger following. The theme is appealing to today's children and their parents who often look back with a touch of nostalgia.

So, when it comes to decorating a child's room - a Star Wars theme is a natural choice. And fortunately, there are many ways to incorporate this film into a room's decor.

\"wall Art\"

The most obvious choice would be to use a coordinating comforter, sheet set, and shams - all of which would depict favorite characters from the movie. But children's tastes change over time - so a neutral background with a few themed accessories could also set the mood on a smaller scale.

Decorate a Kid's Room With a Star Wars Theme

Using wall art and large posters, lamps, and shams that are adorned with Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Hans Solo, or another favorite would be an inexpensive way to convey the message. These accessories can easily be changed as the child grows. The rest of the room can be dressed in blacks and blues and browns to give the feeling of outer space. A galaxy print would also work equally well.

An easy and fun addition are the bags of glow in the dark stars that can be found at many party stores. Adhering these to the ceiling adds a touch of whimsy that younger children especially enjoy. Even a child's toys can be part of the decor. Setting up a display space for Star Wars figurines or building sets is a useful and practical addition to this theme.

Decorate a Kid's Room With a Star Wars Theme

Begin this project by looking at some Star Wars bedding and wall art to see if anything appeals to you. There is a variety of bedding for kids available on the market. Finding a set is the easy part - choosing one is much more difficult!

Cheap Framed Art

Are you planning to redecorate your home or office? Do you have a huge budget for this project? If you want to redecorate your home or office but you don't have enough amount of money to go for expensive decors, then the best options that you can include in your redecorating project are cheap framed art.

Cheap framed art are nice looking framed art work that are easy on the budget. These items do not only look good on your walls but they are also good on your pocket or wallet because you can enjoy great savings from their low prices.

\"wall Art\"

Where to buy cheap framed art?

Cheap Framed Art

When looking for cheap framed art, you don't have to go through so much hassle because there are lots of sources for these items.

First, you can try in consignment stores or estate sales. In most cities, there are consignment shops which handle art work, furniture, and different household items. You can buy great framed art here at affordable prices. Estate sales, on the other hand, can also be a great source. You can check your local newspapers for estate sale, on which there are big possibilities that various framed art are for sale as well.

Second, you can look at auctions. Some people love going to auctions and it will not do you any harm if you also give it a try. But you have to be very cautious because you might be bidding more than what you just intend to pay.

And lastly, you can check online sites. This is the most convenient option for busy people who merely find time to visit auctions and local stores to get the cheap framed art that they need. What you can do is to simply browse online sites for cheap framed art and there you will find a wide variety of options.

These are a few sources for cheap framed art. Who says that decorating your home or office has to come in expensive packages? With cheap framed art, your home or office is off to a new and more exciting looking without eating up your budget.

Cheap Framed Art

Framed Art [http://www.i-FramedArt.com] provides detailed information on Framed Art, Framed Art Prints, Cheap Framed Art, Framed Prints Of Original Art and more. Framed Art is affiliated with Photo Frames [http://www.z-Frames.com].

Hang Your Canvas Wall Art With A Ribbon

If you want to add a little flair to the way you hang your canvas wall art, why not use ribbons to hold them up on your wall? It's an innovative way to present paintings. It also brings more attention to your wall decor. This style of hanging paintings is very suitable for a child's playroom or bedroom. You can also do this for your paintings in your living room.

If you were to hang your canvas the traditional way, all you would need is a hanging kit, a nail, and hammer. If you want to be a bit more original, then you could use ribbons to hang your artwork. The ribbon should be visible on top of the canvas. The ribbon will become part of the artwork and your wall decor.

\"wall Art\"

If you have decided on a particular painting that you want to hang this way, then you should analyze your painting's colors and base your ribbon color on that. You have to let your ribbon complement your artwork, not clash with it or overshadow your canvas wall art.

Hang Your Canvas Wall Art With A Ribbon

You should also get wider or thicker ribbons for bigger canvas so the ribbon can support the weight of a heavier artwork. Use thinner ribbons of about an inch of smaller paintings. Stick with plain ribbons and avoid patterns on the ribbon. You don't want the viewer to be distracted from the painting by a flamboyant ribbon.

When you hang your canvas wall art with a ribbon, more attention is drawn to it and it automatically becomes the focal point of your room. You only need a few things to get started with this project like scissors, ribbons, a nail, a hook for your wall, and hammer.

Hammer a small thin nail to attach the ribbon at the back of the canvas, not on the sides. Nail the ribbons on the left and right stretcher bars of the canvas. Lay your painting upside-down on a smooth flat surface with the back facing you.

Place a soft cloth underneath the painting to cushion the blows from the hammer. Hammer carefully to avoid damaging your artwork. You don't have to hammer too hard because tiny nails can easily puncture the frame.

Install the hook on your wall a bit higher than usual. Remember that the ribbon will be exposed and when you hang your painting, your canvas will fall slightly lower than when hanging without a ribbon. Use bigger and tougher hooks for larger canvas, and smaller hooks for small paintings.

Hanging paintings this way in a series in your hallway or stairwell will also look cute. Don't overdo the ribbon look in all your canvas wall art throughout the house. Use it only for a few pieces so it won't look too commonplace.

Hang Your Canvas Wall Art With A Ribbon

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Bathroom Redo - How to Make a Pink Tub & Tile 'Disappear'

When you move into an older home and your decorating budget is being largely spent on your main living areas, dealing with a pink tile and tub in the bathroom can be quite a challenge. So until you can replace the tub and tile, here are some decorating tips that can help move the pink away from center stage.

Go Neutral: Choose neutral shades for the walls in your bathroom. If the pink tile has warm undertones to it use neutral brown tones, and if the pink tile has cool undertones to it use a neutral gray on the walls. By pairing the pink tile with these neutral colors, you will visually soften the contrast between the tile and the walls and allow it all to blend together.

\"wall Art\"

Play Up the Walls: Once you have your neutral walls balanced with the tile, choose your accessories to match your wall color but a few shades darker. By promoting the neutral tones you begin to pull attention away from the pink tile and tub.

Bathroom Redo - How to Make a Pink Tub & Tile 'Disappear'

Bold Accent: After you have all of your neutrals in place, choose a bold color to use as your accent or focal point in the room. A bold blue, a deep emerald or even a bright turquoise all command the eye's attention and further detract from the pink tile.

Accentuate the Undertone: As you consider your wall color understand that the pink tile will actually seem to change colors as you pair it with a new wall color. For example, if you pair baby pink with white it just looks pink, but when paired with a rich terracotta color it suddenly looks more salmon. By making this subtle shift in the appearance of the pink tile, you can now go on to decorate around an earth tone palette with terracotta and salmon rather than trying to decorate around bright pink. Try a few different color swatches on the wall to get a feel for how the light works with different colors in your space.

Decorating Neighbors: By using neighboring colors on the color wheel to pair with your pink tiles like orange, red or yellow, you make pink part of the background palette rather than the focus of the room. You can also incorporate pattern into the mix to liven up the space. So you could paint your walls yellow and add a geometric or floral shower curtain that contains reds, yellows and oranges to make a bright, cheery space. Then you can finish tying the look together with accessories and a bathmat.

Use a Barrier: Another more direct way that you can minimize the appearance of your pink tiles is to simply cover them up. By putting in a large bathroom rug and hanging a ceiling to floor shower curtain, you can simply make the pink tub and tile go away.

Create a Focal Point: You can also use the magician's trick of misdirection to make the pink seem to disappear by adding a dramatic accent piece in your bathroom. If you have an attention grabbing wall treatment, your eye will be so busy taking it all in that you will not have time to even notice the pink tile. A large mirror with interesting wall sconces or a huge window with a dramatic window treatment can pull the eye away from the tired, old pink tub and tile until you have the time and money to replace it.

Bathroom Redo - How to Make a Pink Tub & Tile 'Disappear'

Angela Glancy with American Artisan Art has developed an interest in expanding the use of wall art sculptures and wood wall sculptures.

Contemporary Wall Mirrors - Ideas For Decorating a Foyer

If you are searching for the ideal decor to finish decorating a modern foyer, wall mirrors are the perfect choice. Large well placed wall mirrors can greatly increase the appearance of a small foyer, they can help add light where light is lacking, and they will most certainly add style and interest to any space. The following ideas will help you begin decorating a foyer with contemporary style and enable you to transform an ordinary entryway into a striking foyer that makes an outstanding first impression. It is a fact that first impressions mean a lot, and guests that step inside your home will be immediately impressed.

Contemporary Metal Art and a Striking Framed Mirror

\"wall Art\"

A contemporary wall mirror looks stunning when placed alone on a foyer wall, but when hung with contemporary metal wall art it is even more impressive. When searching for metal wall art of modern design you will find high-quality selections in all colors, sizes, and styles, and three-dimensional contemporary wall art is the ideal accompaniment to an exclusive contemporary mirror. Place a mirror of your choice on a wall opposite to another work of contemporary art for an eye-grabbing display that can be seen from many different angles. It will frame another fine works of art and strategically highlight the display.

Contemporary Wall Mirrors - Ideas For Decorating a Foyer

Mount it Next to the Foyer Door

Contrary to the way in which most people choose to decorate a foyer, a mirror can be placed next to the entryway door instead of across from it. A beautiful contemporary wall mirror placed next to the door rather than opposite the door will add interest and design to the space, and it will also provide a convenient area for touch-ups upon leaving or entering the home. If the available space next to the foyer door is expansive, choose a contemporary wall mirror and two works of fine modern wall art to decorate around the mirror. This type of display will not be immediately noticed by guests entering the home, but it will most certainly be noticed on the way out.

Wall Pockets and a Contemporary Mirror

Consider decorating with wall pockets and a fine contemporary mirror to create an interesting focal point with texture and natural vivid color. Consider choosing an attractive contemporary mirror and wall pockets that go well with the frame of the mirror. Next, place floral foam inside the wall pockets, and fill them with a beautiful artificial floral display. Faux bear grass highlighted by beautiful calla lilies is an outstanding choice. When arranging the flowers, bend a few of the stems downward for a natural appearance that will definitely impress all who enter your home.

Choose a Console and a Striking Contemporary Mirror

An attractive contemporary console would look lovely when placed in a foyer, and the wall above the console is the ideal location for an eye-catching contemporary mirror. Select a modern console with open shelves, and place a fine sculpture or another quality work of art in the center. Hang the wall mirror at the appropriate height above the console for a lovely display that will complete the look of your stylish foyer.

A Shelf and a Beautiful Contemporary Mirror

If a console is not your preference, consider a modern shelf to mount beneath a beautiful contemporary wall mirror. Top the shelf with a stunning modern sculpture or a sleek looking vase filled with fresh flowers that coordinate well with the color of surrounding walls and decor. Mirrors are naturally reflective, and a well placed mirror will help make a small foyer appear larger. An expansive foyer will appear brighter and lighter than ever.

Mirrors are an excellent choice when decorating a foyer with contemporary style and these are just some of the many ways you can decorate a modern foyer with mirrors and other wall decor. They are available in many different sizes and colors to meet every budget and preference, and when placed with other fine works of contemporary art, you can turn an ordinary foyer into a grand entryway that is sure to impress.

Contemporary Wall Mirrors - Ideas For Decorating a Foyer

Jessica Ackerman is a head author at Wall Decor and Home Accents, where you can find contemporary wall mirrors, wrought iron wall hangings, contemporary wall art, metal wall vases and more unique wall decor products.