How To Create Your Own Fabric Wall Art

Wall art and wall decor don't have to be just about paintings and/or photographs. That's the more traditional approach to decorating walls. Fabric wall hangings, however, can really make a room more decorative and really do add a personal touch to your decorating theme. Maybe it's time to consider using some fabric in your next decorating project?

There's so many different ways to create this type of wall art so don't panic if you don't know where to start. How far you go with this will depend entirely on what your artistic leanings are and how much time you can invest in the project itself. Some people are satisfied with fairly simple wall art, while other people find it fun to spend a lot of time making their own unique piece of wall art.

\"wall Art\"

One of the quickest and easiest ways to create fabric wall art is just to find a design that you are fond of, an then to stretch it over a frame. You can then hang this piece of fabric art in your room without much trouble. In fact, this will end up looking just like another painting or picture but have that added touch of style to it from being created with fabric.

How To Create Your Own Fabric Wall Art

This is a good thing to do if you have a quilt that you like but don't use on a regular basis. You can take all or part of the quilt, and frame it to create your new work of art. Another option, of course, is just to find a tapestry and hang it up. However, it can be relatively hard to find tapestries - unless you're in the habit of finding such things.

Other examples of fabric wall hangings that you can look for are expensive or detailed carpet. There are some carpets that are so beautiful that they will decorate any wall in any room. This might sound a bit off the wall but it's worth investigating.

If you have more time to spend on your wall art, then you might want to consider doing some embroidery. You can either embroider your own design, or you can find a kit that makes it very easy to put together an embroidered picture on a piece of fabric. Either way this will give you a truly unique piece of wall art for your (or a friends) home.

Most people who are into embroidery will find that this is a fun way to create decorative wall art. Embroidery can be very time consuming but the final results are always worth the effort.

Finally, the last type of wall art involves painting directly onto the fabric itself. This is not all that different from making your own painting, but some people find that painting on different types of fabric is more fun. The reason for this is that every fabric will give a different texture after it has been painted on and this will allow your creative streak to run wild and create some real conversation pieces.

So it's time to think outside the box and use more fabric when you decide to redecorate your walls.

How To Create Your Own Fabric Wall Art

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Interior Decorating Ideas - Decorating Your Clinic with Wall Art

Have you ever been at the clinic, waiting for your turn to see the doctor, and all you see on the walls around you are posters on cancer prevention, reminders for you to do your annual medical checkups, dealing with rheumatism in old age, diabetes... the list goes on.

All around us, we're flooded with uncomfortable images and messages that remind us that we really need to take good care of our health. Although these posters are there for a reason - to inform and educate, they certainly add an unwelcome addition because they inject an element of fear into all of us. Here we are, waiting to see the doctor, worried sick that our illness could get worse, and all we see in front of us are images and information about illnesses and disease. We really don't need these at this time. Tell us these things when we're well, not when we're sick.

\"wall Art\"

Having been a patient myself (and who hasn't), the waiting area at the doctor's office is quite a stressful place to be. As you're waiting for your turn to see the doctor, your mind is full of apprehension and uncertainty as to what the diagnosis might be. The last thing you want is to be bombarded with images and media detailing out a plethora of possible ailments you could be diagnosed with. It just adds to the stress.

Interior Decorating Ideas - Decorating Your Clinic with Wall Art

Strip this entire media off the walls, I say. Remove every shred of evidence that this place is a clinic. Patients don't need reminders as to why they're there. Put in its place decorative art work. Surround the walls with art and beauty. Put some framed pictures on the assistant's counter top. Having a beautiful piece of art to look at will certainly make your wait a lot more pleasant and take your thoughts away from all things unpleasant. Art may also accelerate the healing process. This is the reason why some hospitals have beautiful art hung on its walls. This is what the patient really needs.

What kind of art to display, you might ask. Well, apart from movie or music posters, because they hardly seem appropriate, almost any other kind of art will do. A good choice would be abstract art. Pick something that has soft, pastel colors that calms the mind when looked upon. Abstract, or contemporary art, doesn't represent anything in its true form, but rather it is an abstract representation of it. Much of it is left for the user to interpret what it's all about. This will certainly keep the patients busy as they wait their turn. Abstract art will give the place a nice contemporary feel and make it seem less like a clinic and more like an art gallery.

There are many choices of abstract art to choose from. Prints of abstract flowers will add a nice, warm touch to the office. What about black and white abstracts? This will create an interesting contrast with the colors around it. You could also display abstract art of other genres, like collages, geometric abstracts, abstract landscapes and abstract figures, among others. The choices are plentiful. If you're not into contemporary art, why not use pictures of animals? A picture of a cute kitten or puppy can do wonders to encourage healing and comfort. If you can't keep a real pet in the doctor's office, then display a picture of one. The effect may not be the same, but it certainly is nice to look at and takes a great deal of stress off the patient.

Interior Decorating Ideas - Decorating Your Clinic with Wall Art

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Decorating Passages and Entrance Halls

The decorative scheme of a hall and entrance passage should not clash with the color schemes of rooms that can be seen through doors opening off. As a general rule, the scheme for hall and entrance should be bright and welcoming, but it should not be too vivid or too resting.

If the entrance hall faces north choose ivory, primrose or beige for the main colors. If the front door opens to the south choose green, buff or stone for the entrance hall. If the hall is on the small side it would be found best to use iron art, metal wall art and metal art sculptures of the same shades.

\"wall Art\"

A suitable color scheme for a small square hall in a modern house would be pale primrose for walls and woodwork with a floor stained in a light color and covered with a dark brown carpet or rug. The ceiling in such a hall should be a shade lighter than the color of the walls and the curtains.

Decorating Passages and Entrance Halls

A small square hall would be attractive with hangings of rough textured cut sheet metal dyed yellow or gold; laser cut metal or metal etching can achieve this. Many attractive entrance hall decorative schemes may be planned with the use of wood grain wallpapers, which are available in a good variety of finishes and color.

A polished pine would be the most suitable one to use for a small hall. A problem encountered in planning a decorative scheme for old houses is where a front door opens into a long narrow passage. Usually dark cream walls and woodwork will do much to create an attractive effect and if the floor is covered with linoleum of a light color and carpet. This will also help to give the entrance good proportions.

A large piece of unique metal wall art can be hung near the door. Cold rolled steel wall art (a favored type is honey pinion steel wall art) will reflect light and give an appearance of greater breadth to a narrow passage. When a hall is being decorated in one color only, different shades of that color should be used where possible to add variety to the scheme, and the walls may be textured by using special plaster preparation that can be "combed" and textured in many ways.

An alternative suggestion for halls is the use of wallpapers with small pattern or one with stripes. The skillful use of the pattern directions and designs can do much to change the appearance of rooms that may appear to be disproportionate, either being too long or too wide.

Striped wallpaper or one in which the predominating trend of the pattern is vertical will make a room with a low ceiling look very much taller. If it is necessary to make the walls of a room appear to be wider than they are, then the predominating trend of the pattern design should run horizontally across the walls. If it is not required to change the appearance or depth or width of walls the pattern of the wallpaper should have no definite direction.

Decorating Passages and Entrance Halls

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Hanging Wall Art - 4 Simple Rules

Deciding on how to display art in a way that is appealing and draws attention can be a daunting challenge for some. Read on as this article provides a few simple tips on displaying art effectively in your home.

1. Art Grouping for an Interesting Touch

\"Abstract Wall Art\"

Group the pictures into clusters of two or three. Odd numbered groups suggest a focal point while even numbered groups exude a calming and organized effect. You can transform an even numbered grouping into an odd numbered one, simply throw in a unique but different element - something which complements the rest of the group, but doesn't necessarily belong to the same family. A mirror or a wall carving would be a good idea. This brings the grouping out of balance, yet makes it interesting.

Hanging Wall Art - 4 Simple Rules

2. Art and Furniture

As a rule of thumb, it is always a good idea to first position the furniture in the room before you hang the art pieces. This way you can use the furniture as a guide to the picture hanging height and positioning. Typically, avoid using a picture or a group of pictures that is wider than the furniture piece below it. If they are narrower than the furniture, they should at least be half the length of the furniture. The picture or the group of pictures should not be placed too low on the wall such that it is too close to the furniture, neither should it be placed too high such as to leave an unsightly gap between the furniture and the picture. Ideally, you should leave about an 8 to 10 inch gap between the bottom of the picture and the piece of furniture below it.

3. Hang Art at the Right Height

Don't hang pictures too high on the wall. You don't want your guests craning their necks to look at the art. The standard practice is to hang the picture at eye level. Some experts believe that you should hang pictures 3 to 4 inches lower than where you think it is. When hanging pictures you should also consider the purpose of the room. If it is a dining room or living room that you're decorating, where guests will be seated most of the time, your eye level should be about 5 to 6 inches above the backs of chairs. In the hallway or stairway, you should place your pictures higher as people are standing in upright positions in these places.

4. Avoid Cluttering

Finally, when grouping pictures, take note not to position the pictures too close to each other. If the pictures are placed too close, they lose their individuality, and if they're placed too far apart, they will lack unity.

That's it! A few simple steps to get you starting along in you home decorating adventure! Enjoy your art!

Hanging Wall Art - 4 Simple Rules

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Wall Art - Tips For Proper Placement

Nothing can finish a room's décor like the effective use of wall art. But people are often perplexed about what to put where. Some of the most common mistakes I see are: art hung too high, size of art out of proportion with the size of the wall and art disconnected from the furniture beneath it.

Here are some tips to help ensure your wall art enhances, rather than detracts from, the overall look of your room.

\"wall Art\"

1. The right height

Wall Art - Tips For Proper Placement

Most people mistakenly believe that pictures should be hung at eye level. But whose eye? A 6'2" man or a 5'4" woman? A better way to gauge the correct height is by looking at how the picture relates to the furniture below it. A good rule of thumb is to hang a picture so that the bottom is 6-8 inches above a sofa back or 8-10 inches above other furniture. Higher than that and it becomes disconnected from the furniture and makes the room look out of balance.

2. The right balance

Another mistake people commonly make is hanging a small picture behind a large sofa. A picture should be one half to two thirds the width of the piece of furniture below it. If a picture is too narrow for the spot, you can flank it with two smaller pictures to fill the space.

3. Think of groupings as one picture

If you don't have a large enough piece of art to adequately fill a big space, you can use groupings of smaller pieces. The individual pictures should be framed in similar materials (metal, wood, etc.). They don't have to be identical, but they shouldn't "fight" with each other.

Before you hang your grouping, work out a pleasing arrangement on the floor. You can also cut out pieces of paper in the same shapes as your pictures and tape them on the wall with painter's tape until you are happy with the arrangement. For a cohesive look, the frames should not be more than about 3-4 inches apart.

4. Mirrors do triple duty

Mirrors not only have a functional and decorative use, but they can also become an architectural element. Placed where it will reflect a window and its view, a mirror can act almost as an additional window, increasing the amount of light in a room and making a room seem larger.

Placement of mirrors should follow the same rules of thumb as art, but make sure a mirror is high enough that people can see their reflections without having their heads cut off.

And don't lean a mirror on the mantel, as it will only reflect the ceiling.

If you follow these guidelines when hanging your art, you will see how much more cohesive and balanced your room will look.

Wall Art - Tips For Proper Placement

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Modern Outdoor Wall Art

The world of outdoor wall art is one that ranges in beauty from opulent elegance to simply rustic. Within that range, there are myriad materials, designs, and possibilities for enhancing outdoor spaces with the right finishing touches. There are possibilities both careful and visually outside of the box in an artfully acceptable way, and all are worth considering and employing according to the style of one's home.

Practicality takes precedence even in art. Fortunately, most home exteriors are sturdy enough that, with the right mounting hardware, they can bear the weight of the heaviest metal, ceramic, or resin designs. It pays, nonetheless, to be certain that your structure is capable of supporting heavy art and sculptural pieces (no rotting boards, etc.). Once proper support is established, then the boundaries are as limitless as one's imagination.

\"wall Art\"

Considering some of the more common placements for mounting décor for outside enjoyment, many people opt to dress formal entrances with a stunning matching set of pieces to dress either side of the front door. It is important in such cases to consider the significance of this with its power of enhancing or ruining a home's first impression upon visitors. It is critical to be certain that décor at the entrance speak of the home in its entirety, and of the people who reside within it. Once confidence is assured, "fate favors the bold," as the saying goes.

Modern Outdoor Wall Art

Outside sitting areas can be visually enhanced according to the general mood or "feel" of the space. Some people read with their coffee, and some entertain with wine or mint juleps. Some spaces are masculine and some are feminine; some are country and some are urban. There are gorgeous display pieces in a variety of materials from metal to wood, and there are sizes from understated to bold. The idea is to employ chosen pieces to enhance the space.

Spaces that benefit from a bit of decorative dimension need not be relegated to entrances, porches, and exits. Some people see the detached garage as an extension of the home and treat it as such. Wooden mailboxes can be given personal touches of style, as well as front gates to homes and high spaces to draw eyes upward and lend a greater sense of stateliness. Again, the possibilities are only hindered by an imagination that is in need of testing its bounds.

Outdoor wall art gives the right finishing touches on homes. It comes in various shapes, sizes, materials and themes. Furthermore, the variety accommodates all budgets, making it a wise investment toward beauty, whether enjoyed from the porch swing, the entrance, or the street.

Modern Outdoor Wall Art

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Decorating Ideas For A Teenage Boys Bedroom

When decorating a teen boy's bedroom the decor you decide upon will depend on the teen in question. But there are a number of different ideas that you can explore and these bedroom decorating ideas for a teenage boys space will hopefully produce a room that they will enjoy.


\"wall Art\"

It is a good idea to paint the walls of your teen's room in deep or vibrant colours (such as purple or blue) and then use lighter coloured furniture which will provide accent to the walls.

Decorating Ideas For A Teenage Boys Bedroom

Wall Art and Shelving

Normally the wall art you should be looking for to decorate a teen boy's room is murals with a sports theme or motor sport theme. Look at very modern shelving in order to display any trophies that they may have on them.

When choosing the bedding for your teen boys bedroom is to go with the flow and use that which links in to the overall theme of the room.

For example if you teens room is based on a surf theme then you could paint the walls in an ocean blue colour and then cover them with surf and surfer murals. There are plenty of places where you can purchase bedding that will perfectly match the theme that they have.

Or why not go for a solid colour theme to the room and use other colours in small amounts which will enhance the overall design of the room.

Study Area

When decorating your teen's bedroom include an area for them to study. Each teen will have a different way in which they study and there are many types of different tables available which will suit your particular teens study needs.

Lastly but by no most least when you are looking at bedroom decorating ideas for teenage boys then you should wherever possible involve them in the whole process. You should allow them to have a say as to what colours, theme and designs they want included in the decorating as well as what kind of furniture they would like to have.

Decorating Ideas For A Teenage Boys Bedroom

Lee Dobbins writes for Bedroom Designs And Decorations where you can get more bedroom decorating ideas and find out more about teen bedroom design.